Gluten Free Pumpkin Quinoa Bars

These gluten free pumpkin quinoa bars are a healthier version of my Pumpkin Cake Bars and my Gingerbread Pumpkin Bars but nonetheless just as delicious. They would make the perfect school snack and would travel well for picnics due to their density. Of course we couldn’t resist adding a little dollop of Cream Cheese Frosting to the […]

Gluten Free Hummingbird Cake

We just returned from a trip to Palm Springs where we stayed at the wonderful Casa Madrina.  Laura Morton Design created an amazing garden that attracts a variety of birds and butterflies.  Our family was most intrigued by the vast quantities of hummingbirds that we would see daily. Upon our return my girls wanted to get […]

Gluten Free Shepherds Pie

  Here is another great and easy make ahead dinner for those busy nights.  Gluten free shepherds pie can be prepared early in the day, put in the fridge and popped into the oven 30-40 minutes before serving.  Just add a salad or veggies and this meal is complete!     Ingredients: 1½ pounds lean […]