8 Year Old Celiac Blog Post

celiacpost#1 | glutenfree-jenny.comHi  I am an 8 year old girl in third grade and I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease in November.  This is my first post.

I felt happy when I first found out I had celiac’s disease, because I knew I would stop feeling so bad, and my stomach wouldn’t hurt so much.  But I was also a little sad that I was no longer going to be able to eat what everyone else eats.

The first night I found out, I had a different dinner than the rest of my family.  But now our whole house is gluten free.  I know that in my house, I can eat anything that I want, and my mom tries to bake a lot of things for me.

One time we went to a neighborhood party though that I STARVED to death at, while my sister had a full stomach.  There was nothing that I could have there.

Sometimes when I have play dates I have to eat fruit while others eat brownies.

But here are some cool things.  My friends are always watching out for me.  Some people in my class bring in gluten free snacks just for me.

It’s kinda hard when we eat out and my sister eats things I can’t eat, but I live with it.

I am just happy to not be in pain anymore, plus my parents say I am growing a ton.

If you are a kid and have celiac’s disease you can comment below and I will get back to you.  Tell me how having celiac’s disease is for you.

Talk soon.

4 thoughts on “8 Year Old Celiac Blog Post

  1. What an awesome and inspiring post! My daughter is only 5, but I will read this to her because I think it will help her feel less alone in her celiac journey. Looking forward to more!
    Dana recently posted…Bunky Turns FiveMy Profile

    • Dana,

      I thought the idea was cute, and it was something she wanted to do. Believe it or not she is already “blogging” at school, so I think that is where she got the idea. If it helps to make her feel less alone, and also those that read the posts, less isolated in their celiac life, then its for the good. If you can, get Bunky to reply back…I know my daughter would LOVE a response. I’m hoping it’s a once a month post 🙂

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