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Hi I’m Jenny, a Canadian “Mrs.” (living in Colorado), mother of two, wife, fitness instructor and cook/baker in a gluten free home, now that my daughter has been diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease.

So what do I have to offer you?  What makes my blog different from other gluten free blogs?

Well, every recipe you will find here is made from scratch…no boxed mixes, and no flour mixes that you need to buy or prepare before hand.  Ingredients are healthy and organic, and when I can, those ingredients come directly from my own garden.

I am also trying my best to make sure that all of my recipes are “gum” free.  Some people avoid Xanthan gum due to its derivation from corn, soy or other plant products and guar gum can create stomach issues for some, and slow the digestion process.

To bring you back to the beginning, I was lucky enough to grow up with amazing parents, and a mother who made almost everything we ate from scratch.  I never even knew that you could buy boxed mixes for things as simple as cakes, cookies and muffins.

While I have always tried to eat healthy food, once I had children and was responsible for what was going into their little bodies, I became even more aware of what I was buying, making and putting on the table.

Then our eldest daughter (now 9 years old) started experiencing stomach issues.  Her complaints were sporadic and short lived, and unfortunately we summed them up to her warding off the stomach flu that was going around.  Her stomach pain increased over a short period time until she was constantly in pain.  Looking back now, while I thought I was feeding her healthy food, I was  in fact just adding to her issues.  Breakfast…a big bowl of porridge (oatmeal) – full of gluten as I wasn’t buying gluten free oats.  Lunch….sandwich – gluten.  Snacks given out at school…pretzels, animal crackers, graham crackers – gluten, gluten, gluten!

Luckily her pediatrician diagnosed her quite quickly, but not until she was living in pain all day long during the week, and spending the weekends recuperating (without us knowing) because we were just naturally eating mostly gluten free.

So fast forward to now…our  house is gluten free and has been for over a year.  I am constantly working towards a home full of incredibly good, healthy food that makes both of my daughters feel like they are missing NOTHING!

I’m hoping that the recipe testing I do (because believe me not every recipe turns out :)) will provide you with tried and true gluten free recipes that you can make in your home for your family.

I hope you enjoy my blog, please come back often and comment when you can!



8 thoughts on “About Me

    • Wow…that is so nice of you. I don’t even know what to say. You need to come over and have a glass of wine with me. Thank you…and yes I will spread the word.

  1. Love, love, love your site & blog–it’s gorgeous–definitely an award winner! Can’t wait to try these delicious recipes!;)

    • Thank you so much Kim. I truly appreciate the support.

  2. Hi Jenny! Love your blog! It looks like we have very similar philosophies on food for kids. I’m looking forward to receiving your posts!

  3. It was great talking with you last night. I look forward to following your blog. Maybe we can cook together sometime. Cheers

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