Chia Seeds – A Bonafide Superfood

What is MSG?

There are over 40 hidden names for MSG – know what to look for so that you can avoid it!

Gluten Free Food Fair

7th Annual Incredible, Edible, Gluten-Free Food Fair, Denver, CO         Denver Celiac Sprue Association Support Group, Sunday August 18th.  Details to follow.

The Truth about “Natural” Sweeteners

An good article from

A Beautiful Blog with an article on eating gluten free – My New Roots.Org

The Health Risks of Genetically Modified Foods

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello and welcome to Gluten Free Jenny! My name is Jenny, and I am a Canadian living in Colorado with an amazing husband and two beautiful daughters.  Growing up in Vancouver, BC I had a mom who was dazzling in the kitchen and made most everything we ate from scratch.  I have vivid memories of […]