Getting Easier…

Kids with Celiac's DiseaseIt has now been seven months since I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease.

When I was first diagnosed we didn’t go out to many restaurants because we didn’t know which ones would have gluten free items on their menus.

Lately we been trying out many new restaurants and are finding that there any many gluten free options. Β My favorite restaurants are:



Red Robin (for their hamburgers with an Udi’s gf bun)

Nick n’ Willy’s pizza


We can also go to most mexican restaurants because I can order corn tortillas and eat corn chips.

Some people with Celiac’s disease are very sensitive to things that have gluten in them. Β I’m not sure yet how sensitive I am, because my parents and I are very careful about me not getting contaminated (“glutened”).

Do you know how sensitive you are to gluten? Β What does it feel like when you get glutened?

I am hoping to hear back from other kids with Celiac’s Disease, so please write me πŸ™‚


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  1. Wow, 7 months is more than halfway to a year! It sounds like you and your family are really doing great with the whole GF thing. It’s pretty awesome having a mom who loves to cook and bake as much as yours seems to πŸ™‚ My daughter who has just turned 5 has had celiac since age 3. She can’t write yet, so I’m answering for her. We don’t go out to eat that much, but when we do my daughter LOVES to get pizza. She also really likes getting rice and beans at our local Columbian restaurant, which has a really great GF menu.

    But she has gotten “glutened” a few times… Once by accident at a birthday party and another time I think she ate some snacks at a friend’s house that might have had traces of wheat. When she has been glutened she feels sick, her stomach hurts, and she gets very VERY tired. She goes right to her bed and lies down and doesn’t want to get up. Sometimes she has to go to the bathroom a lot. But it never lasts very long and then we know to be more careful next time. I hope you don’t get glutened but if you do, know that you will be okay and that it happens to most people at some point.

    Hope you’re enjoying your summer break! Keep writing, I love reading your posts and sharing them with my daughter.
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    • Thank you for writing to me. Please tell your daughter that I hope she doesn’t get glutened again. Before I knew I had Celiac’s Disease, my stomach would really hurt too when I ate gluten. Since I am a little older I pretty much know what I can eat and not eat. I always ask a parent if I’m not sure, if something has gluten in it.

      You should tell your daughter that a good pizza place is both Nick n’ Willy’s and Udi’s. Do you have these places where you live?

      Also tell her that I would love to hear from her again, and if she ever wants someone to talk to about Celiac’s Disease she can write me.


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