Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie | Glutenfree-jenny.comYou can’t have Thanksgiving without Pumpkin Pie.  We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend, and had all the fixings including gluten free Pumpkin Pie.  The pumpkin filling recipe has been in my families for years, however this was my first try at gluten free pie crust.  As you can see by the photo I should have rolled it out a little thinner but the dough is more difficult to work with than traditional pie crust.  I’m hoping that I have the recipe and thickness mastered for next month’s American Thanksgiving!

Crust Ingredients: (this dough needs to be refrigerated so prepare ahead of time)


Mix together all the dry ingredients, including the sugar and cinnamon. Cut the butter into little pieces (I use a cheese grater and grate the butter) and drop the pieces into the dry ingredients. Using a pastry cutter or fork, meld the butter into the dry ingredients until the butter has crumbled into pea-sized pieces.

Make a well in the dry ingredients. Drop the egg and apple cider vinegar in, then stir them in, gently, with a fork, stirring from the center out. Once they are incorporated into the dry ingredients, slowly drizzle the ice-cold water into the mixture, a little at a time, then stir to see if it has become dough yet. You do not want this dough to be too wet. Add water only it all mixes together.

Drop the ball of dough onto a large piece of parchment paper. Place another piece of parchment paper, the same size, on top of the dough. Gently, push the dough outward, equally in all directions, until it is a thick, round cake of dough, about the size of a pie plate.

Refrigerate the ball of dough, for as long as you can stand. Ideally, you would prepare the dough in the evening and refrigerate overnight. Take the dough out of the refrigerator at least twenty minutes before you want to work with it.

Leave the dough in the parchment-paper and roll it out. By rolling it, gently, between the pieces of parchment paper, you will not need to add more flour to the mix. Roll it out as thin as you can, then strip the top piece of parchment paper off the dough. Gently, lay your favorite pie plate on top of the dough, then flip the whole thing over. The dough should sag into the pie plate. You can crimp the edges at this point. If some of the dough falls off the sides, don’t worry. Simply re-attach the pieces to the crust-to-be by pressing in with your fingers.

Filling Ingredients:

  • 1 can of pumpkin puree
  • 3/4 cup of light brown sugar
  • 2 organic eggs
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp nutmeg
  • 1 tsp ginger
  • 1/2 tsp mace
  • 2/3 cup (1-5oz can) evaporated milk
  • 2/3 cup of scaled organic milk (microwave until almost boiling)


Mix the puree, sugar and eggs together and then add the cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and mace.  Add the evaporated milk and mix.  Slowly add the scalded milk.  Watch how much milk you use.  You want the filling to be somewhat thick and smooth.

Pour filling into uncooked pie crust and bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.  Turn oven down to 350 degrees and bake for another 45 minutes, or until filling is cooked (use the toothpick test).

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