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The Health Risks of Genetically Modified Foods


Welcome to my new blog!

Hello and welcome to Gluten Free Jenny! My name is Jenny, and I am a Canadian living in Colorado with an amazing husband and two beautiful daughters.  Growing up in Vancouver, BC I had a mom who was dazzling in the kitchen and made most everything we ate from scratch.  I have vivid memories of […]

Colorado Organic Gardening

Coming this spring…the install and completion of new garden beds, tips on organic planting in Colorado, companion planting ideas, and much more!

Come and Work out With Me!

I teach at Sound Body Sound Mind Fitness (64th & Indiana) Punch cards and monthly memberships are available.  I teach 9:30 Tuesday mornings – Muscle (full body weight class) 9:30 Thursday mornings – Spin/Core (45 min spin class and 15 core workout) 12:05 Thursday afternoons – Spin/Fitwall 45 min spin class and 15 min Fitwall) […]