Getting Easier…

It has now been seven months since I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease. When I was first diagnosed we didn’t go out to many restaurants because we didn’t know which ones would have gluten free items on their menus. Lately we been trying out many new restaurants and are finding that there any many gluten […]

School’s Out for Summer

  Now that my Mom has figured out so many different varieties of food I can have with Celiac’s Disease, it feels like I can have anything.  🙂 I like learning about what I can have and what I can’t!  Sometimes it is really complicated to understand though. Even though school is out I still […]

8 Year Old Celiac Blog Post

Hi  I am an 8 year old girl in third grade and I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease in November.  This is my first post. I felt happy when I first found out I had celiac’s disease, because I knew I would stop feeling so bad, and my stomach wouldn’t hurt so much.  But I […]