Gluten Free Garlic Chili Chicken and Noodles

Gluten free garlic chili chicken and noodles is the perfect last minute dinner that will take no time at all to prepare.  If you have leftover chicken, or you get a rotisserie chicken then it’s even quicker.  If not pop some chicken, sliced in strips, into a frying pan coated with coconut oil.  Salt and pepper […]

Gluten Free Cilantro and Red Thai Curry Peanut Sauce Chicken

While spending a year traveling through Thailand, I fell in love with Thai food.  My kids and hubbie have also grown to love all the curries that I make for them and this Gluten Free Cilantro and Red Thai Curry Peanut Sauce was a delicious.  The sauce is fairly rich and thick so the kiddos […]

Gluten Free Thai Beef Noodles

  Gluten free Thai beef noodles is an easy, throw together meal that is super tasty!  This dish even prompted second helpings.  If you are looking for a change to your usual stir fry type dinner, this may be it.   Ingredients: 1/3 cup rice vinegar 3 tbsp Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (soy sauce substitute) 1 […]