Take That, Fat!

Take That Fat! | Glutenfree-jenny.comIf you’ve been sweating it out on a regular basis but still can’t see your abs – or run any faster – here are some simple tweaks for you.


Are you sucking wind instead of sailing throughout that last mile?  Your posture might be to blame.  It takes more effort for you muscles to stabilize you when you’re hunched over, which increases your body’s oxygen needs.  

The tweak: Stretch both your chest and back daily.


Exercise is a proven way to reduce anxiety, but a recent study found that chronic mental stress impairs your physical recover.  When you’re uneasy, your body releases more cortisol, a hormone that alters protein synthesis and diminishes your muscle’s ability to rebuild and get stronger (i.e.: get more toned)

The tweak:  Chill out any way you can.  Take a yoga class, meditate, or simply just give yourself a break and relax.


The most common dieting error people make is not timing meals correctly around their workouts.  You either might not have enough energy to push through your sets or you’ll be short on the nutrients required to feed and replenish your muscles after your sweat session.  Having said that, every person is different and while some can eat before a workout, others find it can make them nauseous.

The tweak:  The suggestion would be have a 200-250 calorie snack up to an hour before a workout, such as a banana, toast or low fat granola bar.  After training, try and consume 10 grams of protein within the first 30 minutes to help boost muscle repair and reduce soreness. 


Wait until after your cardio sessions to be be distracted by something like a book or tv.  Distraction may be preventing you from paying attention to your body’s cues.  People who cycled while viewing a video or reading a book were found to workout at a significantly lower intensity than those without visual stimulation

The tweak:  Trade the tv for a high-energy playlist.  People who listened to music while pedaling generated considerably more power and consistently moved faster than those who exercised in silence.  That extra speed and effort translates into more calories burned.

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